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I was fully prepared to take a picture of my purchases this trip. But then a friend invited me to the park and the Kid and I went there (after a pit-stop to drop off perishables!) right after the store. Then all three of us left almost as soon as I got home to go to my sister's for New Year's Eve. So no picture this time...I promise there will be pictures next time!
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Some people may think that a detailed recount of my receipt is boring. Sorry if you are one of them. I have found that I like seeing exactly what people buy and what they pay for it. This trip is to last me this week and next. Looking at my menu at the relatively few items I bought that may seem impossible. But remember that I stock up on food at good prices and only buy what I need to complete my meals.

  • portobello mushrooms - $2.50
  • 5lbs clementine oranges - $5.99

total - $8.XX (lost receipt...don't want to do math)

Earth Fare
  • cheddar cheese - $3.49
  • 2 dozen eggs - $2.38 each (I accidentally grabbed XL instead of just L so they were a little more)
  • 2 mozzarella cheese - $3.49 each
  • 1/2 gallon non-homogenized whole milk - $3.49 + $2 refundable milk bottle deposit
  • 8 oz greek yogurt - $0.99 (used $0.50 coupon)
  • whole chicken - $8.93
  • 3lbs organic apples - $4.99
  • 3-1 lb bags organic carrots - $1.27 each (cheaper than buying the 3 lb bag)
  • organic collards - $2.50 (were supposed to be $1.99 buy I got charged for the conventional not on sale)
  • 5lb bag organic russets - $3.99
  • 4 organic sweet potatoes (3.36 lbs) - $5.68
  • 2 salad mixes (arugala and baby spinach) - ~$3.05 each ($3.33 and used $0.55 coupon, I had 2 but she only scanned 1)
  • organic chocolate truffles - FREE (used coupon sent out by Earth Fare)
  • Marcel toilet paper 4 roll - $1.79 (I can't remember the last time I bought was a treat for the Husband)
Total - $60.21

Piggly Wiggly (lost receipt)
  • orange juice 
  • apple juice
Total - $6.XX

These two things were really unnecessary, but I was really sick and wanted juice. I was unaware that we still had orange juice concentrate in the freezer. :(

Jack's Produce (the Husband's grandfather's store)
  • two small bunches of bananas
  • two onions
Total - $2

After all this I have three whole dollars (and change) until I take out another $80 in about a week and a half. So pretty much I should stay away from the store...

This post is included in the Grocery Cart Challenge Shopping Round Up.

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  1. I love looking at what other bloggers buy for groceries-it's a great way to get ideas, compare prices etc. Looks good!
    Found you via your Grocery Cart Challenge link :)



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