January Menu

I've got a month's worth of menus planned out and two two-week shopping lists to go with it. I'm going to the grocery store later with $80 in hand (I'm trying out this whole cash thing again) and a plan. I am going to stick to my plan. I am.

Other than shopping for ony two weeks at a time, the meals are in no particular order.
  1. beans, greens, corn bread (New Years)
  2. mushroom fajitas, refried beans, spanish rice
  3. spinach gratin, butternut squash risotto
  4. taco soup, corn bread
  5. breaded pasta, baked sweet potato, greens
  6. enchiladas, sauteed bell peppers, mashed black beans
  7. pizza, salad
  8. quesadillas, corn
  9. pizza, salad
  10. pancakes, scrambled eggs, smoothies
  11. macaroni and cheese, green beans, apples/oranges
  12. broccoli/potato/cheddar soup, rolls
  13. rice & lentil casserole, baked sweet potatoes, peas
  14. chicken & dumplings, glazed carrots, green beans
  15. leftovers
  16. pizza, salad
  17. chili, cornbread
  18. meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
  19. tacos, refried beans, corn
  20. italian chicken over rice, salad
  21. grits, eggs, fruit
  22. baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese, fruit
  23. fajita pizza, salad
  24. roasted chicken, gnocchi, green beans
  25. grilled marinated chicken, corn
  26. lentil soup, crusty bread
  27. beans, cornbread, broccoli
  28. curried chickpeas over rice, roasted cauliflower, green beans
  29. bean burgers, "chips", carrot sticks
  30. homemade hamburger helper, vegetable
  31. leftovers 

I mentioned that I will have $80 in hand when I go to the grocery store. While my budget for the month is $200, my goal is to spend $80 every two weeks (and less if I can!) so I can spend that extra $40 on food storage and just stocking up. I live in the middle of nowhere, so running to the store (well, a decent one that stocks food I want to eat on a daily basis) is not a simple task. I travel between 35 and 55 minutes to get to my favorite stores, so needless to say I do not get to all of them every week or even every month. I need to have a little extra leftover in my budget for stocking up on the cheap deals I can get at these stores. I also want to be able to stock up on fresh, local fruit this summer without completely busting my budget. Stocking up on good deals when I can allows me a little more freedom since I do not have to get every ingredient every week at whatever store I happen to be shopping at. Since I did not stick to my budget last year, we'll see how it goes in 2011 :)

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