Organic Pumpkin - $0.85 a can

Okay, so if I was really good I would grow my own organic pumpkin and make and can my own puree...but I'm not. And I don't feel guilty about it. I may feel slightly bad about all the BPA-laden cans, but I'll get over that. I like pumpkin bread and other treats made with pumpkin puree, but I will admit that I am usually too cheap to buy it. And too lazy to make my own (and cheap...pumpkins can get expensive).

Well I will be able to make some lovely pumpkin muffins pretty soon when Amazon ships my case of organic pumpkin for $0.85 a can! That is cheaper than conventional in the store! Not that I think pumpkin is laden with many pesticides, but you know...

All you have to do is sign up for their Subscribe & Save option (that you can cancel anytime if you decide to) and you'll get 12 cans shipped for $10.20. I debated whether or not to get in on this deal, but after Swagbucks this cost me $0.85. How could I pass that up? This is just another reason I love Amazon (and Swagbucks)!


  1. I snatched up two of those cases, and I left it on subscription for every six months. This is a great deal and my kids love pumpkin muffins!

  2. Good! I left mine on subscription for every six months too, I just have to remember to check it to make sure the price doesn't go up!



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