Menu Plan Monday

I posted my January plan this weekend, but I still thought I needed to get down what I am planning on making this week. The meals are not necessarily in order because that restrains me too much :)
  1. mushroom fajitas, re-fried beans, Spanish rice
  2. spinach gratin, butternut squash risotto
  3. taco soup, corn bread
  4. breaded pasta, baked sweet potato, greens
  5. enchiladas, sauteed bell peppers, mashed black beans
  6. pizza, salad
  7. bean burgers, chips (either collard or potato, maybe both), carrot sticks
Other than the risotto, none of these meals are too time intensive - once I get the tortillas made, that is. As for the burgers, they may be bun-less. It all depends on whether I feel like making them or not. But the Husband did just grind a bunch of wheat for me last night, so why not?

For more great menu ideas check out Org Junkie.

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