Menu Plan Monday

Last week was a busy one so I didn't post much at all. Then when it settled down a little bit I was either too tired to post or I wasn't in the mood. I think I just got out of the "blogging groove" for a few days. But I am back at it this week with the intention of posting as normal!


mix-and-match choice of: oatmeal, muffins, peach cobbler, baked oatmeal, eggs, smoothies, yogurt, pancakes, waffles


salmon patties, green beans, macaroni 'n cheese, chocolate pie (my requested birthday dinner at my mom's)
     sick dad turned this night into dinner out - I had Szechuan eggplant and sushi along with Godiva cake :)
macaroni and cheese, sauteed carrots, green beans

spaghetti and meat sauce
curried chickpeas over rice (similar to this)
black eyed peas and cornbread

For more great menu ideas check out Org Junkie.

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