Menu Plan Monday

As much as I am looking forward to some of this week's meals, part of me is ready for the week to be over already. Why? So I can start grocery shopping for next month of course! But I am looking forward to this week's menu. I am trying a new recipe (okay, okay no recipe will be involved as I just make most things up on the fly) as well as reinventing a recipe to make it a little more whole-foods-friendly. Hopefully that goes well and I can share it with you guys! I also fermented my first vegetable recently (cabbage) and hope it turns out well!


baked oatmeal x2
sausage biscuits
crepes (never got them made last week but really want some!)


almond/parmesan crusted sole, green beans
chili, cornbread
cream cheese chicken bundles
curried lentils, sauteed carrots
pizza roll ups
turkey cutlets, sauerkraut, sauteed apples, sauteed carrots
chicken and dumplings, green beans, glazed carrots

For more great menu ideas check out Org Junkie.

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