I will go ahead and tell you guys that I am about $20 over budget for the month. Oh well. There were a few things that I really didn't need to buy but I don't think that I have done too badly. I am considering a change to how I spend my money in the upcoming months and will have more on that later.

I got everything you see here for $10.69 :)

3 dozen eggs - $2.28 each
organic frozen peas - $1.75 (after $0.75 Cascadian Farms coupon)
2 3lb bags organic apples - $5.69 each (ouch!)
bag of puffed organic kamut wheat  - $0.50 (after $1.00 coupon)
3+ lb chicken,1 lb mashed potatoes,1 lb organic carrots - FREE 
tube of natural toothpaste - free

So the above should have cost me $20.69 but I had 5 glass jars to return from my milk so that was nice.

I also went a second time last week but didn't think to take a picture. I was already in the area and needed a few things.

2 canisters organic raisins - $3.00
2 organic cabbages - $4.XX
1 jar organic applesauce - $2.49 (after $1 coupon found in store)

Total - about $10

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