Menu Plan Monday

I was doing so WELL there for a while about getting up my menu plan in the morning. Oh well, life gets in the way. I am running pretty low on funds for the month so I am trying to just use what I already have as the basis of my meals. But then again, isn't that what I normally do :)


oatmeal x2
baked oatmeal
omelets, crepes (Thursday is going to be our Valentines day)
french toast sticks (hopefully some will get frozen!)


shrimp and grits
bean and rice burritos (hope to freeze some)
chicken and broccoli casserole (will double and freeze one)
steak, risotto, broccoli, rolls (again, our V-day)
open (leftovers/fend for yourself perhaps)
rotini with marinara and parmesan cheese, green beans, garlic-onion muffins 

Check out more great menu ideas at Org Junkie.

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