Green Tip Tuesday

Close that door!

The refrigerator door that is. I am sure that we were all told this more than once as children by our parents. But I will admit that I am still guilty today of treating the fridge as a television from time to time. But this is a really bad habit that I am consciously working to overcome!

Everytime we open the fridge, cold air goes out and warm air goes in. The fridge's compressor then has to go to work to replace this cold air, thus wasting more electricity and money. 

So how do stop standing in the doorway of our open fridge, staring at its contents? Why, we know ahead of time what we are going after. We should all know what is in our fridge, so surveying the contents shouldn't be an issue. Not sure what to cook for dinner or what to grab for a snack? Before opening that door, think about what you have on the inside and what you want to eat. Then open the door, grab what you need, and close it back. 


  1. I think refrigerators should have clear glass doors, thus negating the need to open said door to survey the contents of said refrigerator.



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