Menu Plan Monday

Another week, another menu. I decided that I am going to try planning out our lunches this week. With the husband home from work for the next few weeks to help me out, lunches need to be more than whatever we can find to snack on. So maybe if I write it out I can make sure that we can be a little more prepared once lunchtime comes.


smoothies, biscuits, cantaloupe x2
fruit, toast
peach muffins, sauage patties
peach muffins, smoothies
pancake/sausage muffins
baked oatmeal (make extra to freeze)


fried rice
sandwiches, homemade pickles, fruit x2
quesadillas, corn


curry chicken, naan, roasted carrots and beets
vegetarian shepherds pie
meatless tamale pie
chicken fajita burgers, black bean smash
baked falafel and tahini tzatziki sauce

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