Green Tip Tuesday

Clean your dryer filter!

In an ideal green world we would never use our dryers, but that is not most people's reality. As much as I would prefer to only let my laundry air dry someday, I still use it for towels and diapers right now because it just makes my life easier.

So because I still use it on a regular basis I want to ensure that I am using my dryer as efficiently as possible. The way I do this is making sure to clean the dryer filter often. This includes not only cleaning off the big globs of lint that accumulate (just one more reason I like to hang my clothes to dry!) after every load or two, but actually rinsing off the filter with water and even a little soap every six months. This helps get every bit of lint off and is especially important if you use dryer sheets because the oil from them can cause a film to build up on the screen.

Cleaning your screen regularly means that your laundry will dry faster, thus reducing your electricity costs. And since you will not have to run your dryer as much it will last longer. So lower electricity bills and a longer lasting dryer? Yes please!

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