Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of those thrifty meals that is easy to put together and that can be changed so easily depending on what you have in your fridge/freezer. Here is the version I put together last night for dinner.

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Fried Rice

1 cup brown rice - $0.25
2 tbsp oil - $0.10
4 carrots, diced - $0.25
4 oz. mushrooms, chopped - $1.00
1/2 large or 1 small head cabbage, shredded - $1.50
4 eggs - $0.77
2 tbsp soy sauce - $0.25
pepper to taste

1. Cook rice.
2. Heat oil in pan.Add carrots and cook for a few minutes to start to soften. Add mushrooms and let cook for a couple minutes. Add cabbage and let wilt. Remove vegetables from pan.
3. Crack eggs in pan and scramble. Before they set all the way, add rice and stir to combine. Add vegetables, soy sauce, and pepper to taste. Mix to combine

Total Cost: $4.12 for about 6 servings

This recipe (which is really just a guideline or basic formula) is super versatile and easy to alter. You can add or subtract any of the vegetables based on what you currently have. Mushrooms are a pricier addition, but peas are cheap and delicious in this. I also like to add shelled edamame. You can also add in meat or change the amount of eggs. Sesame oil is good in this dish, but I used olive since that is what I had on hand. Fried rice is also a good use for leftover or batch cooked frozen rice.

I am linking this to the $5 Dinner Challenge and Frugal Food Thursday.

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