$30 Peeled Snacks Voucher for $5

Peeled Snacks are packaged, organic dried fruits. While foods like this may not be the thriftiest or greenest way to go, they make for very convenient diaper bag (or purse...or glove compartment) snacks. They are also a cheaper and healthier option than other on-the-go snacks you could choose instead.

That's why I was excited to see that Little Birdie is offering a $30 voucher to Peeled Snacks for $15. Okay, they offered this same deal a couple months ago on another site and I opted out because I thought it was too much once you took shipping into account (you know I'm thrifty...). But if you are new to the Little Birdie site they will give you a $10 credit - making today's deal only $5! So for $5 plus another $7 for shipping, you get $30 worth of organic, dried fruit. I'm in!

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