Menu Plan Monday

I am full-term now, so my meals from now on are going to start being even easier (as if that is possible!). I am also trying my hardest to buy as few groceries as possible since I do have so much food in the freezer/pantry that I can use up. And because I have spent so much this year already. I am alright in the meat/grain/veggie department, but we are down to the bare minimum as far as fruit goes. I really need to stock up on some frozen fruit (although I guess that will actually drive up what I spend this month)!


cinnamon breakfast cake, yogurt, eggs, waffles


burgers with family
stir fry with rice
pan seared flounder, quinoa
enchiladas (and perhaps make a pan to freeze?)
tacos, refried beans
dinner with family

For more menu ideas (and perhaps some more exciting ones) go to Org Junkie.

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