Green Tip Tuesday

Use scrap paper!

Do you write your meal plan down on a sheet of paper? What about your shopping list? Or reminders to yourself or others in your house? Instead of using a clean sheet of paper everytime, try using a piece of paper that would otherwise be thrown away.

A half doodled on sheet or the blank (or ad covered) part of the paper form a printable coupon work well. Envelopes we get in the mail also work great for scribbling notes on.

When I print things I often used already printed on sheets that I no longer need or ones that did not print how they should have. I of course don't do this if it is a paper I am giving to someone or need to look exceptionally nice for some other reason. But if I am just printing something like a recipe or pattern, I grab used paper first and simply print on the blank side.

This small change isn't going to make you rich, but it will save you money. It also saves valuable resources. Not that is Green & Thrifty!

1 comment:

  1. I do this with my kids' worksheets from school. They bring home a lot of paper. I might as well use it. Great tip!



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