Flats & Handwashing Challenge: Day 3

I really only have one interesting (okay, only interesting to me I am sure) thought to share on day 3 of the challenge - why have I neglected my plastic pants so much? They were given to me in a box of well loved prefolds (and I'm talking Gerber type prefolds that people hate on but I am loving!) along with a mix of homemade and halfway finished homemade fitteds. Like I have said, they are really ugly (and cute is one thing I enjoy about cloth!) and so old fashioned. I feel that as a modern cloth diaper user I must show others the advancements that have been made in this area in order to show how awesome they are...and plastic pants just don't give people the warm fuzzies about trying cloth diapers.

That being said, they are the best covers I have ever used. . I have used them before, but only in a pinch. A few months ago the kid went through an awful phase where he was having blowouts from every single diaper. Disposable, prefold, flat, fitted, all in one, pocket, you name it. Fleece and wool covers were no match and neither were any of his covers, no matter how great the gussets on them. But I never tried the plastic pants. But I think I should have. Because when he had a nasty blowout from his flat today (even when I did an awesome job rolling it in on the sides), the plastic pants held it all in perfectly. And that reminded me that it was not the first time they have done that. I think it has to do with the fit - while they are nice and tight (fitted, really) in the legs, they have a little room in them. Other covers are right next to the diaper. I will spare you the reasons behind it (as if I haven't tortured you enough), but I think the kid needs the extra room in the cover that the plastic pants give him. 

Okay, I will stop singing the praises of the plastic pants now. Except to say that they are a very affordable option as well as being very functional. They are just not attractive. 

Oh, and they are not actually plastic anymore. They are actually made from nylon, which is more breathable and not as toxic as the plastic pants of yesterday. But I still call them plastic pants  :)

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  1. Ok, this gives me an idea of something my precious nephew needs added to his stash.



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