10 minute upcycled shorts

This is my first contribution to the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. So I obviously did not spend an hour making them, but I say organizing and sorting my fabric counts towards that hour. And I definitely spent at least an hour doing that!

These shorts take no time to make and can be made with few cuts or seams. I used an old pair of women's shorts to make these but if you are making them for a child older than a toddler, I would say that a pair of men's shorts would be best since they are longer. 

For this project you will need a pair of  knit athletic shorts with an elastic waistband and a pair of shorts that currently fit your child. 

Fold each pair of shorts in half and lay the children's shorts on top of the adult shorts, making sure to line up the front seams.

Cut the adult shorts to the size of the children's shorts leaving a small seam allowance. Only make two straight cuts - do not cut in the curve. You could also cut these to the length you want at this point but I decided to leave them the current length.

Now you have two pieces that look like one dimensional shorts.

Pin the right sides of the adult shorts together (Yes, you are correct - I pinned these the wrong way. I only noticed after sewing one side together.) and sew both sides. Nothing complicated. We are talking straight seams here. 

Now pin the crotch together, making sure to line the hems and the center of the crotch up. Sew this together.

 Clip strings then turn right side out. Hem at this point if needed. Then admire your work!

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