Menu Plan Monday

I am pretty darn proud of myself right now - I am typing up this post on Sunday. Sunday! This week I will have a menu plan that wasn't created about 3 hours before I needed to start cooking meal #1. But here is where I am not proud of myself - I still did not make the chickpea curry this week! Two meals got knocked off the menu due to schedules and circumstances and the curry made that list because I never got around to actually soaking my beans. And I like to soak my beans.


choices of : breakfast cookies, smoothies, fruit, cinnamon glazed scones, pancakes, oatmeal, eggs, waffles


hawaiian chicken over rice
curried chickpeas
black bean enchiladas
Italian white bean pasta
black eyed peas w/ cornbread
Easter w/ family...I'm bringing corn (come on! can't I bring something more fun than that?)

For more great menu ideas check out Org Junkie.

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