Make It Yourself: Breakfast Cookies

I apologize for the lack of posts this week - we have been dealing with a lot of sickness in my house. That is also the reason I am simply going to link you to another post for this week's Make It Yourself. But believe me, you won't mind!

Breakfast cookies are a fast way to get a tasty but filling meal in when you are in a hurry (or not!). But commercial ones are expensive and often contain ingredients that are questionable at best. So what is the Green & Thrifty person to do when they need a breakfast cookie fix? Why make their own, of course.

Laura at Heavenly Homemakers has a delicious recipe for Giant Breakfast Cookies that I have made countless times with great results. Most of the time, however, I cut the honey down to 1/2 cup (saves money and cuts down on sugar) and replace half of the butter with applesauce. But feel free to make it just as she writes it, you won't be disappointed!

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