how to fold a flat diaper

Although I may not always be in the mood for them, flat diapers are my favorite. They are simple, no frill diapers that are about as economical as they come. They require little to no special treatment compared to other diapers (since they are one layer and thus can't really hold on to smells or detergent) and dry very quickly.

But while flats are the most basic diaper there is, but they can seem very overwhelming at first - they definitely were for me! But then I watched a video of a 3 year old folding a flat in like 30 seconds so I knew that even I could do it. Here are the steps for folding a flat and putting it on your child. There are lots of pictures so the amount of steps may seem overwhelming at first, but they are simple steps that take no time at all once you get the hang of it. For the record, this is called the origami fold.

Lay your diaper on the floor/table/changing table.

Fold in half. Now you have a rectangle.

Fold in half again the other way. Now you have a square (ish shape). Make sure that all four open corners are on your right.

Grab the top corner and drag over to the other side.

This will create a triangle with a rectangle peeking out from underneath (glad I have pictures to help explain…)

Very carefully, making sure to hold on tightly to the triangle corner that is in the middle, turn the entire diaper over.

Take the straight edge on your left and fold one,


three times so you are left with a soaker in the middle and two wings on the side.

Place baby over diaper and bring middle up.

Turn side wings in towards baby (jelly roll it) to create a tight fit around baby’s bottom. 

Bring wing towards middle, pulling tightly as you do. Fold the tip under if too long.

Repeat on other side.

Secure in place with Snappi or pins. 

And there you have it. Just put a waterproof (or water resistant) cover over it and you are good to go. When we are just going to be around the house, I actually just let the kid run around in nothing but a flat. His bottom is able to breathe better and I know instantly when he has used the bathroom. Plus it is one less step. 

This wasn't my best fold ever, but with a wiggly toddler you take what you can get :)

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