I got excited over foil

 No really. I did. You see, I am a bad environmentalist (stop laughing and roll with it) who uses foil, plastic wrap, and plastic baggies. I mostly use these things for freezing. Though I would like to use all glass and other reusable containers, that just isn't possible for me right now financially. Plus bags just work so well for things like baked goods and fruit!

So how do I justify my use of these products? I reuse them of course (well, not the plastic wrap). As long as they were not used to hold raw meat, they get washed (by hand) and dried. With many baked goods they just get shaken out and reused. Bags are easy to clean. They simply get put in the sudsy water and washed out with a rag. Foil can be a little trickier because you have to be careful not to tear it but it isn't much work at all. I just put it on the bottom of the sink and gently wipe it off with a rag. I don't hand wash very often, so about once a week (who am I kidding? once a month sometimes!) I wash all my bags and foil.

Not only does this practice save me money because I don't have to buy these products very often, but it also helps me move closer to being a Zero Waste Home.

So what was it that caused me to get so excited? Well, very occasionally the husband gets something sent to work in his lunch box wrapped in foil. I used to always remind him to bring home the foil. But no more. He remembers to do it all on his own. That may seem silly to be happy about to you, but if you had a spouse with a horrible memory like mine, that would seem pretty smile worthy to you :)

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