$40 worth of Bumkins diapers for $19

Plum District (yeah another one of those deal sites) is offering a $40 voucher to Bumkins for only $19. So basically you could buy $40 worth of diapers and diaper accessories for half off. Plus shipping is only $5!

I will admit that these are not the best diapers out there, but they were some of the first "real" diapers we had and I liked them. The all-in-ones (which is what we had) are trim and fast-drying but they are not the best fit for all babies (though what commercially made diaper is?). They also sell wet bags, countours, prefolds, and covers as well as art smocks, waterproof bibs, clothing, diaper bags, and lunch boxes so it is worth a shot checking out the website to see if anything interests you. 

If anything does interest you make sure to pick up your deal at Plum District while you still can! 

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