Menu Plan Monday

This week leaves the kid and me by ourselves for several dinners. While I am usually lazy and we just munch when that happens, I really want to make sure that we are still eating well-rounded meals. So that is my goal. I do not have as many dinners planned, but this is what I have in mind as I am sure there will be leftovers or family dinners (meaning me mooching off the parents) involved :)

lots of waffles (I could honestly eat waffles everyday!), eggs, cinnamon scones, oatmeal

Quinoa and black beans burritos
marinara sauce over spinach and white bean balls and rice
spicy black bean burgers and baked sweet potatoes
fajita pizza
bison burgers

See, I told you there wasn't a whole lot planned. But I am positive we will still eat well this week!

For more menu ideas check out Org Junkie.

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