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Yes, I have yet another online deal for you. If you are new to Gaggle of Chicks (yet another online deal site!), you can sign up through this link and get a $10 credit (you only get $5 if you sign up without a referral). And today's deal just happens to be a $25 voucher to for $10 - bringing your total to $0.

This credit does not apply to shipping (darn!) so I do suggest checking out the site to see if there is anything you want and then calculating shipping before buying a deal. Of course if you don't, you really aren't out anything if you decide they don't have anything you want :)


What I am getting? I am currently deciding between the energy-saving power strip (which would end up costing me $25 but would save me $$ in electricity) and the 100% recycled toilet paper. Yes, you heard me right. Although I adore my eco-wipes, the husband only goes along with it because it is the only thing there. He much prefers paper so I like to buy it every now and then as a "treat" and I could buy 24 rolls for a little less than $12 shipped. That may seem expensive to some of you per roll but $0.50 is pretty good for 100% recycled. Unless I wait patiently for the Marcal coupons that come out every couple of months and bum a couple off of my mom who gets the paper...but I think I may just go with this.

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