Green Tip Tuesday

My tip for today is a quick one that is free - unplug it! Not using your toaster right now? Unplug it. Not listening to your radio? Unplug it. In the US about 20% of a home's energy bill is a result of appliances and home electronics; and the truth is that even when your appliances and electronics are turned off, most of them are still drawing electricity. This energy use is known as "standby power." Though the standby power usage may not be much in your house, that small amount of usage gets multiplied by millions of homes a day. That adds up to A LOT of wasted energy.

Small appliances in the kitchen are probably the easiest to unplug - toaster, blender, etc. But some of the other big power-drainers are devices like stereos and TVs that most of us find to be too much hassle to unplug. Is that you? Then spend a few bucks (if you don't already have one around the house!) on a power strip that allows you to cut power to several devices with one switch. Still too much work? Spend a few bucks on a smart power strip that automatically cuts power to your devices when not in use. You can even use your Swagbucks to pay for it if you buy it from Amazon!

For more information on home energy usage and what appliances are the biggest culprits, check out Energy Savers. Hey, did you know that toaster ovens use more power than refrigerators?

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