Grocery Nerd

A fellow blogger posted on Diaper Swappers a few days ago talking about how she was addicted to reading thrifty grocery shopping blogs and how that must make her a grocery nerd. Well let me tell you, I am definitely a grocery nerd! I get so happy when my favorite blogs update with recent grocery store purchases. Maybe it is the nosiness in me, but I really like to see what other people are buying and what they pay for it. Sometimes these bloggers have opposite eating habits from me, but it doesn't matter. I still love to read their posts!

Okay, here is my next nerdy confession: I love making my grocery list. I really do. It is key to keeping my grocery bill low and although I do it every two weeks and my next shopping trip is at least a week ahead, I am already itching to start working on it (and will actually do it when I get done writing this)! I guess the main reason I love this is because it is like a challenge I have with myself to see how low I can get it with still getting the foods I need.

And...I love grocery shopping! I know a lot of people absolutely dread this task, but it is one of my favorites. Although it is fun when you are able to grab whatever looks good, it is also fun for me to have to shop from my list. I really like being able to cross things off of said list :)

Okay, that is it. It feels good to get that off my chest. Go ahead, judge me if you want. But I bet there are some grocery nerds lurking out there right now!


  1. I think we might be kindred spirits! I also love reading grocery shopping type blogs. I've been changing over many of the foods we eat as we run out of them, so that is making my shopping on a budget quite the challenge lately. I think my next post might be a monthly total for January. I'm pretty sure I'm over my goal, so I've been scared to do it!

  2. Do it! I would love to read it. Okay, that probably sounded mean, LOL. Last year is when we really started switching over to a different eating style and even though I had committed to sticking to a budget, I really didn't. That is why I pretty much stopped posting on here last year! But I think it is important to post when we come up short because it makes us more accountable to actually SEE it out there and it lets other people know that saving money while eating healthy can be a journey.



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