February grocery shopping

It is only the first day of February and already most of my money for the month is gone. There are three reasons for this:

#1) I went to Costco so stocked up on a few things that will last a while
#2) Impulse/unplanned buys
#3) Trying to keep the darn husband happy by buying him foods he likes :)

February also represents a change in our diet. Last year I started reading Nourishing Traditions and I am very interested in getting back to a more traditional diet. Though I know that I will never go all out and follow it exactly, I do feel more that I need to add in some of the practices (that I am not already doing anyway). For that reason we will be eating more fish and this month I will be trying my hand at lacto-fermenting vegetables with whey from raw milk that I ordered for the first time yesterday. I am excited to go pick that up tomorrow.

Trader Joes
 2 lb blood oranges* - 2.29
 organic steaks* - 7.80
 5 lb apples* - 3.99
 1 lb lemons - 1.49
 approx. 1 lb frozen sole - 5.14
 .89 lb frozen mahi mahi - 4.89
 1 lb shredded mozzarella - 3.49
 15 oz canned salmon - 2.69
 raw milk parmesan reggiano - 4.87
1 lb organic rotini - 1.38
2 bananas* - .38
5 lb clementines - 5.89
 Total - $45.30

 *None of these purchases were planned. The bananas were to keep the kid happy in the store (you pay per banana at TJ), the oranges just looked so darn good (but have you ever had a blood orange? I was a little grossed out when I cut into it the first time!), and the steaks will be part of a Valentine's Day meal for the husband who loves but gets very little meat. The apples were bought because the kid decided to grab one out of the open tote and take a bite before I could stop him. Needless to say it was a wild trip and I was that mom with that kid.

Earth Fare

4 dozen eggs - 2.18 each
1/2 gallon milk - 3.49 + 2 bottle deposit
6 oz plain yogurt - 0.80
1 lb organic elbows - 1.67
1 lb organic fusilli - 1.67
organic soy sauce - 3.19
Clif Z-Bars* - 3.00
2 lb ground turkey - 7.98
1 lb turkey fillets - 6.71
red cabbage - 3.52

Total - 43.16

*I debated these, I really did. I actually put back the honey graham flavor ones I picked up originally but grabbed the Smores ones when I saw the box. So I did not restrain myself enough to say no, but these quick snacks have come in handy!

2 #10 cans pineapple
10 lb organic carrots
1 lb sea salt (not pictured)*
minced garlic (not pictured)*
5 lb organic frozen corn
5 lb organic frozen green beans
5 lb organic frozen veggie mix*
2 32 oz jars organic peanut butter
2 lb organic butter
16 individual cups mandarin oranges*

Total - approx. 67

*The salt, garlic, and mixed veggies were not on my list but were things I needed. I did not need the mandarin oranges and think the real thing in the peel is the better choice, but I have been looking for these (meaning in juice, not syrup or Splenda water) for a year to keep in the diaper bag as a quick snack when peeling is not an option.

3 bunches bananas + 1 overripe bunch
butternut squash*
spaghetti squash
5 lb clementines - 5.99
3 lb organic apples - 2.99
2 lb cheddar cheese - 3.00
4 8 oz coconut waters* - 4.00

Total - 2.45 after my $25 credit

*I did not plan on the butternut squash or the waters but the squash was calling my name and the coconut waters are to have on hand in case we get sick again as they are like a natural Gatorade.

The Grain Lady

No picture but I got a quart of expellar pressed coconut oil and 5 lb of organic popcorn. The oil was $14.95 and the popcorn was $6.

I really need to get better about keeping up with my receipts. Maybe next time.


  1. wow look at all that wonderful fruit. great shopping trip

  2. Do you usually spend most of your grocery money before the month starts?

    The reason I ask is because I did that this month and I'm FREAKING out!!!

    I know that I have a lot of food in my freezer and cupboards, but I apparently have issues with having money "just in case".

    I used to buy those mandarin oranges monthly as well. Unfortunately when I do that then I don't buy fresh fruit....I think I'm too lazy that way. They were so nice to have on hand though!

    I've compared the clif Z bars (protein and sugar amount) to beef jerky and for the same price I thought it was a better deal to get the jerky. I hate buying processed anything, but it's better than buying junk food at a basketball game. At least the clif Z bars are organic - the jerky is not.

    Do your kids like the taste of the bars? There are mixed reviews on Amazon.

  3. I do not normally spend this much money at the beginning of the month, but since I stocked up on frozen veggies and a few other things at Costco it put me way over what I normally spend. I also like having extra money so I am TRYING not to freak out. I also have lots of food so I know that it will be ok if I just stick to the fresh stuff I NEED.

    And those 10 lbs of mandarin oranges? Those will only last two weeks if that :) My kid really really likes them and they make quick snacks. Of course if you are talking about the canned ones, I am happy to report that we haven't even opened one yet!

    I wish I could say the same thing about the Z bars! They are yummy, though. Of course, you have to be used to eating lots of whole grains to like them, but my kid gobbles them up and wants more. I unfortunately do not like jerky - I've tried all kinds but it is not for me.

  4. Thanks for the info! I KNOW I need to focus on the stuff I need and I'll be fine.

    I'm buying 5 pounds of clementines tomorrow - love those little guys.

    We used to eat a lot of whole grains, but now we don't eat many sweets/grains so I wonder if the kids would like them. Maybe I'll have to buy one or two in case I run out of jerky.



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