August Freezer Cooking Day

I said just the other day that I needed to get some food in the freezer, so I decided I was going to participate in the Freezer Cooking Day hosted at MoneySavingMom. Only this time I am keeping my list short - and attacking it 15-minute style over the next few days. Here's what I plan to make:
  • tortillas (x 2 or 3 hopefully!)
  • blueberry muffins (will share recipe later)
  • several meal's worth of cooked, shredded chicken
  • simple soaked pancakes
  • meatloaf (will share recipe later)
  • pizza dough (will share recipe later)
  • soaked granola bars
It isn't much, but every little bit helps! Hopefully I can add more to it as I can fit tasks in my day.Actually, the pancakes and pizza dough are already done. I soaked my flour for the pancakes last night then mixed them up this afternoon and cooked them when I had a little time. The pizza dough was a result of me making two crusts worth of dough tonight and wrapping half up for another week. It was no more trouble at all!

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