Stocking the Freezer

I've written before about Freezer Cooking and how it saves time and money. I like doing this, I really do. But the problem is I don't have enough large chunks on time to devote to freezer cooking. Then I read a post on Cooking During Stolen Moments that reminded me that you don't have to have 4-8 hours on a certain day to stuff your freezer - all you need is 15 minutes at a time. This post is all about doing each of the steps towards your meals one at a time in 15 minutes (or less!). While her post was geared more towards just dinner for the night or baked goods for the week, I think the idea can be applied towards the meal components or dishes for Freezer Cooking. Even the kid can be distracted entertain himself for 15 minutes (most days anyway...). Go check out her post as she lists 25 quick tasks that you can do in no time.

I mention freezer cooking because I REALLY need to get back into putting away actual food in the freezer for when we have rushed days (to keep us from getting over-priced, unhealthy fast food) or I am just hungry and want a muffin :)

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