She's baaack

So this blog has been, well, dead for a couple months. I haven't really had the time to write up posts (though I have been thinking of them!), but I am back now! That gets me a gold star, right? In my hiatus a few things have changed:
  • I got a new car. That may seem off-topic to you, but it isn't, I promise - having a car payment (something neither of us have ever had!) makes staying on budget grocery-wise even more important.
  • The Kid turned one. Now, he has been eating regular table food for the past six months, but I figured that since he is now officially a toddler (NO!!!) I should be feeding him more regular meals, and not just whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like (yup, I'm a good mom). So that (slightly) increases the grocery list.
  • I started some seeds inside for my garden and will be transplanting them outside into pots soon, as well as planting several other seeds. So this summer I will have loads of yummy vegetables overflowing from my pots and filling my canning jars, freezer, and refrigerator, and bringing my grocery budget down super low. Or not. But I did start some seeds and will plant more and am hoping for at least some kind of yield. But I like to think positively.
  • I have a new reason for going organic and now most of what I buy is (more on that later).
  • I realized that I cannot do a mostly organic diet on $200 a month for two adults and a little mouse. Or at least not now. I have gone over my budget almost every month, but I have high hopes for the summer and fall and lots of cheap, yummy, local produce to lower my budget not just in the warmer months but during the cold months ahead when I can eat off of what I stored (more on that to come!)
I have lots of posts in store (well, they're not actually typed yet...but they're in my head) for you, my faithful readers (haha), but for now I will leave you with a couple pictures of me (and the Kid) picking some delicious, local strawberries.

And though he may look as if he is about to fall to some, rest assured that he was nice and secure on my back :)

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