Salmon Patties

The "cheese" sauce did not turn out exactly how I wanted, but I like the idea of it and will get toying with it. Next time I think I will cook it in the pot first (it had almost a "raw" taste to me) before adding in the noodles. But it wasn't bad - just not what I had in mind.

Salmon Patties w/ macaroni & "cheese" and green beans

14 oz canned salmon - $3.33
1/4 cup cornmeal - $0.00 (I actually milled it fresh from popcorn kernels given to me)
1 egg - $0.17
1/2 tsp pepper - $0.01
1 tsp olive oil - $0.20

8 oz whole wheat organic pasta - $0.65
2 cups cooked white beans - $0.10 (dried beans bought in bulk)
3 tbsp nutritional yeast - $1.35
couple dashes tamari soy sauce -$0.10
1/2 tsp pepper - $0.01
1/2 tsp garlic powder - $0.02

1 lb frozen organic green beans - $2.00
1/2 tsp pepper - $0.01

1. Cook pasta as directed. Drain, reserving a little of cooking water.
2. Put beans, yeast, soy sauce, pepper, and garlic in blender and puree. Use cooking water to thin as needed. Mix with pasta.
3. Meanwhile, heat oil in pan over medium heat. Mix salmon, egg, cornmeal, and pepper together. Form into patties and cook in heated pan until browned on either side (5-6 minutes per side).
4. Put green beans in covered saucepan. Cook until heated through.

Total - $7.95 for four servings

This meal was more expensive than I thought! But that was mostly the fish, I am going to have to find a cheaper source for canned salmon...

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