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I started a new blog. I wrote two posts. Then I got bored with it. Or overwhelmed. You choose.

See, I started to feel like I was moving away from the original intent of my blog. I also decided I wanted to make this blog a little more about my whole life instead of it being focused on green living on a budget. But the idea of starting a new blog over from scratch was intimidating. Posts to write. People to force to read. Organizing to do. Too much work.

So I figured I would come back to you guys (you are still there, right?). My posts will just be a little broader (and cuter since kids' pictures will be involved...see below). The name still fits, though. I mean, I still live a thrifty life and I still try to live a little green. And I'm still lazy...though I guess that isn't part of my blog name. Though it should be. Maybe I'll add that in when I finally get around to changing the about me and about this blog. Now for the cuteness:

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