Menu Plan Monday

Here I am on Monday night writing out of menu for the week. But at least I am doing it! I will admit that I did not cook today. I did not feel like eating so was only going to whip up something simple for the husband, but he told me not to worry about him since I wasn't going to eat. The kid so far has eaten 1/2 lb of strawberries and some cheese. I might split an apple with peanut butter with him later. But I know that we can't live off fruit, cheese, and  almonds (the husband's snack when he came home this evening) all week, so here is my plan.


choices of: cereal, oatmeal, muffins, waffles, smoothies, caramel apple oven pancake, scrambled eggs


tacos and refried beans
chicken wings, carrot sticks (and what else goes with chicken wings?)
spinach and quinoa stuffed eggplant 
quinoa and black beans, sauteed carrots
spaghetti aglio olio , bread, green beans

For more great menu ideas check out Org Junkie

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