Flat Diaper Alternatives

"flats" from Ikea
Flat diapers, while still one of the cheapest options, can get expensive depending on the type and brand you use. But they do not have to be pricy or ordered from a specialty store. You can instead walk into just about any big-box type store and buy them. Of course, they will not be labeled as "flat diapers." But since flats are really just large squares of thin fabric, there are many things that work great as flat diapers. While I am sure there are a few more things you can use, here is a list of a few different alternatives to traditional flats:
  • Receiving blankets. You can buy these anywhere you would buy baby stuff and I guarantee that anyone who has a baby has at least one or ten of these around. Not all of these varieties can be snappied, but they can all be pinned or used to lay inside a cover. My favorite receiving blankets? The ones I got at the hospital that are huge enough to use with lots of doublers at night for my toddler and are easily snappied. 
  • Ikea burp cloths. The store Ikea sells burp cloths with cute prints in a package of three for about $4. These are the perfect size. While they are starting to get a little small on the 37 inch, 31 pound kid, they still provide plenty of coverage and have been super trim since we bought them. There was no prep involved in these at all (other than their initial washing!) and have always been really absorbent and easy to fold.
  • Flour Sack Towels. These can be found at Walmart and Target (and probably other stores) in packs of three - four. Each "diaper" will run you around $1. While I have no experience with these, I hear great things about them. 
  • Homemade. Okay, so this isn't an option if you want to buy something pre-made, but you can make some out of inexpensive materials or even something you have around the house. You can buy many types of material such as birdseye, flannel, or even terry cloth to use and simply cut into a 27"x27" square and finish the edges. You can also cut up an old t-shirt to use.

Whether or not you are participating in the challenge, I hope these show you that it does NOT have to be expensive to cloth diaper. 


  1. I keep hearing about these IKEA 'flats'. I don't have another LO yet to diaper but are they really *that* good that I should go get some for when LO #2 does come along?

  2. Yes! I am sure there are those that do not like them, but they are so trim and absorbent. Plus you can't beat the price for such a cute flat (you know that printed flats can get pricy and they often fade after a few washes).



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