If It's Yellow Let It Mellow...

if it's brown, flush it down. Don't tell me you have never heard that phrase before :)

Today's tip is a rule I definitely follow (the husband? not so much) - especially now that I am pregnant and use the bathroom 10,000,000 times a day (maybe I should put a TMI disclaimer on my blog?).

Okay, if you have never heard this phrase you may be a little confused. Let me explain. It simply means that you do not flush the toilet every time you go pee; though you do flush every time you go poop.

Now I will tell you that not flushing the toilet will not make you a millionaire. At best it might save the average family $10-$15 a year (though even a dollar decrease on my water bill a month would make me happy). But it does save thousands of gallons a year of precious water. And that is enough for me.

To follow this you do not have to go hard-core. You could simply:
  • flush every other time you go pee
  • only flush during the day (some parents do this anyway to keep from waking kids)
Now if you think this is just gross and you do not want a bowl full of yellow water, consider the fact that if you are drinking enough water, your pee will be very light to clear anyway. And on top of that, using family cloth eliminates the need to put toilet paper in there. Most of the time you can't even tell I have used the bathroom (again with the TMI...)!

So what do you think? Have you ever tried this? Do you do it currently? Would you think about doing it in the future?


  1. Yep! I've done it!! It TOTALLY grossed my mom out when she came over. But at that time any extra noise woke my daughter - and any time she slept was a miracle in itself! So my mom just had to deal with it.

    Now that DD sleeps harder I do flush more, but really I could/should go back to less. It's not necessary and I love that it saves water.

    DH wasn't really on board so much, but oh well. :) He lets me do my weird family cloth thing, and he didn't mind the "yellow" too much cuz he didn't really complain. He just didn't do it himself. lol :)


  2. We are proud followers of the "Mellow Yellow" Movement! It has, however, been awkward in a couple instances where company stopped by unexpectedly....but I guess that's a small price to pay to save some water.



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