Chocolate Banana Smoothie

I hesitate calling this a smoothie, but it isn't exactly a milkshake since it has no ice cream. But whatever you cal; it, it is yummy!This has been my favorite treat lately. It is sweet and chocolaty but healthy at the same time. The combination is nothing new but it is nonetheless delicious and takes no time to whip up.
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Chocolate Banana Smoothie

2 frozen bananas*
1 1/2 cups milk
1 heaping tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 - 2 tsp honey (optional)

Put everything in blender and blend about 1 minute until smooth. Drink up!

This should make about 2 good servings, but if it is me, well, it is one. I will not lie. Sometimes the kid drinks it and enjoys it, but lately he has been shunning the color brown. Nevertheless it makes a great kid-friendly snack or even a quick breakfast since it provides calcium, fruit, and protein! I am including this simple recipe in both The Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap and in the Healthy Kids Meals roundup.

*I like to peel ripe bananas and cut them on half, lay them on a cookie sheet, and freeze them. I then stick them in a plastic bag (I mean glass container...) and take them out as I need them. Sometimes I cut them into smaller chunks to add to fruit smoothies. This is great to do with those bags of ripe bananas that many stores will mark down for super cheap. I always love these!

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