Ever heard of RecycleBank? It is a "green rewards program" that gives you an opportunity to earn high-value coupons. For areas that participate in the program, you can earn points just for your everyday recycling. But even those that don't live in a participating area can earn points for "green actions" such as sending in old electronics to be properly disposed of and learning about ways to lessen your enviromental impact or how companies are doing so. These points are then redeemed for coupons that are either sent to you or printed from your home computer.

I've gotten many coupons from this site and really love it! Right now I am about to redeem 90 points for $3 off any Kashi product - a coupon I can print twice from my computer!

Here are the easy ways to earn points right now when you sign up for RecyleBank:
Of course, if you are against Corporate America and big companies, you may want to stay away from this site. Though I support the Little Man when I can, I'll take the free coupons :)

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