Menu Plan Monday

Since we had the plague in my house last week, we definitely did not eat everything on our menu plan from last week. Oh well, more food for this week! I've decided that for our health we need to eat more fish, so every week there will be some kind of seafood for dinner.I am also trying (once again!) to plan out breakfasts. We will see (again) how this goes. I'm not even going to think about lunch, though...that is just too much planning!


biscuits and sausage gravy, smoothies
muffins, hard boiled eggs x2
pancakes, scrambled eggs
french toast sticks, hard boiled eggs
baked oatmeal

marinated chicken, corn, broccoli
bean burgers, carrot sticks, roasted red cabbage
grits, scrambled eggs, fruit
sole meuniere, green beans
dinner with family

For more great menu ideas check out MPM on Org Junkie!

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