Menu Plan Monday

So I KNOW that I posted in May that I was going to be a more diligent blogger and I KNOW that it is now August. What can I say? I got busy distracted lazy. I do have a toddler you know? But I am back and am really commited to blogging about how it doesn't have to cost you a fortune to eat (mostly) healthy/local/organic. So I did something last week totally uncharacteristic of me - I made a menu plan...for the MONTH. And not only a plan that includes dinners, but one that includes breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. So of course, it isn't filed out all the way, but it does give me a basic idea of what I need to shop for and prepare. It will also help me when I am standing in my kitchen, staring at the refrigerator right before bedtime, to figure out what the husband is going to take for lunch the next day. I will not bombard you with an entire month's worth of food, but will instead post every Monday (duh!) what we will be eating (and, well, ate the day before since that is how my menu is set up). I am not going to include lunches here, though (not just yet anyway!), as lunch planning is still a work-in-progress for me!

oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit
oatmeal, fruit
banana muffins, sausage, fruit
french toast, veggie scrambled eggs, fruit
simple soaked pancakes, smoothies
peach cobbler (yes, cobbler!), yogurt, hard boiled eggs
soaked muffins, fruit, sausage

navy beans, cornbread, collard greens
broiled eggplant with cilantro marinade, quinoa, green beans
chicken fried rice, edamame
baked ziti, broccoli
collard greens, baked sweet potato, whole wheat buttermilk cheese biscuits
balsamic salmon quinoa, peaches

granola bars

For more great menu plans check out I am An Organizing Junkie.

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