April Groceries

I went shopping this past Saturday and am hoping to not do anymore shopping for April with the exception of a few fresh items such as produce, milk, and eggs. I have definitely spent more than $200 so far, but with my new view on grocery shopping that is OK since much of what I bought will last way more than just this month. I started to only post what I bought and the total, not what each item cost (it does take more time!), but then I realized that I like to see what people spend on their food items. So until you guys tell me that it is a complete waste of my time and you hate seeing it, I will continue to post each individual cost.


(2) 4 lb bags wild blueberries - $8.79 each
5 lbs organic green beans - $6.19
(4) 2 lb packages cheddar cheese - $6.99 each
5 lb organic corn - $5.59
(4) 2 lb packs organic butter - $6.99 each
16 oz real vanilla - $6.79
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - $9.49
Organic No-Salt Seasoning - $7.99
(2) 32 oz maple syrup - $11.99
3 lbs bananas - $1.47
(2) 1 lb organic baby spinach -$4.29
kiwis - $5.99
(2) 2-28 oz organic peanut butter - $8.59
3 half gallons Silk almond milk - $7.89

Total - $178.13

Trader Joes

Vanilla Joe Joe Cookies - $2.69 (a request from the husband as he dropped me off)
1 lb shredded mozzarella cheese - $3.99
1 lb organic frozen spinach - $1.99
1 lb organic shelled edamame - $1.49
(3) frozen mango pulp - $1.79 each
(3) 1 lb frozen mango halves - $1.29 each
(3) 2 lb bags organic apples
8 oz banana chips - $0.99
(2) gallons organic milk - $5.99 each
(2) dz cage free eggs - $2.49 each
1 lb organic spaghetti - $1.39
1 lb organic penne - $1.39
1 lb organic rotelle - $1.39
(2) ww hamburger buns  - $1.89 each(yes I actually bought bread...I have given up on buns for now)

Total - $60.96

Go Local NC Farms pickup

6 lbs grass fed beef - $28.25
6 lbs pastured pork sausage - $28.25
.72 lbs cube steak - $4.19
.99 lbs cube steak - $5.76
dozen free range eggs - $0.00 (free with promotion)
fees - $2.50

Total - $68.95

Jack's Produce

4 lbs bananas - $2

Piggly Wiggly

4 oz lemon juice - $1.42 (with tax)


(6)  10 ct organic fruit strips - $2.29 each
(4) Larabars - $0.90 each (on clearance and even though I make our own these will be kept in the car)

Total - $18.58

Total amount spent for April - $330.04

There were some items bought that not necessary, like cookies and seasoning blend, but these were requests from my wonderful husband who doesn't put up much of a fuss about anything. The almond milk is also not a regular purchase for me, but since it has a better shelf like than cow's milk, I decided that it will be a good alternative for those off weeks when we won't be going to the store out of town and can't get decent cow's milk at the one grocery store that is close to us. Many of the other purchases will last us several months. That includes the meat. We go through very minimal meat around here. So I don't feel bad about the amount spent. I have also placed another bulk food order for wheat and oats but haven't gotten my total or paid yet so I will include that the next time I post my totals. 


  1. Oh, you have access to such great places to shop. When we lived in Kentucky we shopped at Costco. They have a decent organic selection and we loved that peanut butter. Here we only have a Sams and we didn't renew our membership after the first year since they hardly carry any organic items.

  2. Janet-I'm with you on Sam's. My parents pay for my membership because they have me pick things up when I drive through, but if I were paying, we wouldn't have the membership. The organic selection is awful. JWe don't have a Costco near us. :(

  3. You know, I complain about having to drive so long to grocery shop anywhere good, but at least I have those places at a reasonable distance from me. Thanks for the reminder that I should be thankful for what I have! And I agree, Sam's stinks on the organic options!



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