Reusable Grocery Bag Deal

I promise I am not turning this into one of those deal blogs (though I am not knocking them, I love them), but I do feel that I should post deals that are in line with the purpose of this blog - saving money while being more eco-conscious. I've talked before about how important it is to use reusable grocery bags. Of course the least expensive route to go is to make your own (out of upcycled materials!), but I realize that not everyone can sew and must buy their bags. And when you are on a budget, sometimes buying the really nice bags are out of the question.

Enter mamamedia. It is another one of those sites that offers online deals for a limited time or to a limited number of people. Today's deal is $20 voucher to Blue Avocado for only $10. I will tell you right now that these bags are not cheap, but they are high quality. They also sell produce bags and kits that have all the bags you will need. They also have lunch bags.

If you sign up for mamamedia for the first time you will automatically get a $5 credit. That brings your total down to $5! If you have already signed up for this site you can use code "AVOC3A" to take $3 off (you can either use credit or code not both...I tried!) So if you can't sew or are looking for some nice insulated bags even if you can, check this deal out.

Once you have gotten your code for the deal try your luck at using code "goodkarma30" at checkout to get 30% off. No guarantees but it may work for you!

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