Menu Plan Monday

 Some of the items this week may look famliar, as they got pushed onto this week's menu from the last two. There were days where we had unplanned leftovers or we were out of the house for dinner. Or I could not use my oven because my pilot light went out and I did not feel like cooking anything on the stove because I wanted pizza (I didn't actually even get pizza that night). Hopefully the pilot light will be replaced on Thursday (and will not be a very expensive part!) but until then I can not use my oven. That will make snacks for the first part of the week a little tricky.

ravioli, veggie
pinto beans, cornbread pancakes, broccoli
tacos, corn, refried beans
brocolli, potato, cheddar soup, rolls
curried chickpeas over rice, green beans, cauliflower
meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

For more great menu ideas check out Org Junkie.


  1. Hi. I saw your link from orgjunkie. Looks like a great meal plan! Just wondering what cornbread pancakes are? Do you start with a cornbread recipe or is is a liquid starter like pancakes? Sounds yummy.
    Also, I'd be so interested to know your curried chickpeas recipe over rice. Have you shared it before?


  2. Thank you! My pancakes are pretty much going to be cornbread batter cooked like regular pancakes. I am without an oven right now so that is my only option if I want corn bread! I have never shared my curried chickpeas over rice and haven't actually made it in a long time so I will post it when I get it made. Thanks for stopping by!



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