October Menu Plan

An online thrifty forum that I visit has a challenge going on right now to comlete a monthly menu for October. I have attempted this before...but I fell short. I would start on it but it always seemed so overwhelming to do it at once. I do good just to have plan for the upcoming week! But I persevered and I finished it and now I feel strangely satisfied. It is going to be nice to see my menu on the fridge every day and know what I am having for dinner or what I need to take out of the freezer, if anything, for the next night. I tried to add side dishes and vegetables in, but some days are blank. I will suplement what is currently in my freezer and the small amount of produce in my fridge with what I can find on sale/cheap at the store. But I really only need fresh produce (and raisins! we go through a lot of raisins around here) and I will be good. I am well stocked on meat and pantry staples.

1 - homemade enchilada pizza
2 - tuna noodly stuff
3 - sausage and egg biscuits, smoothies
4 - pinto beans, cornbread, beet greens
5 - lettuce tacos, spanish rice
6 - chicken stir-fry over rice
7 - grown up sloppy joes, roasted beets
8 - homemade pizza
9 - homemade fish sticks
10 - ww biscuits, baked sweet potatoes, beet greens
11 - rice balls in marinara, green beans
12 - taco casserole
13 - fajita burgers, refried beans
14 - aloha chicken, rice, green beans
15 - homemade pizza
16 - crab cakes, green beans
17 - pinto beans, ww biscuits, glazed carrots
18 - baked french toast, eggs, fruit
19 - chicken fried rice
20 - enchiladas
21 - simple chicken divan
22 - homemade pizza
23 - homemade hamburger helper
24 - grilled chicken sandwiches
25 - tofu stir-fry over rice
26 - taco soup, bread sticks
27 - tamale pot pie
28 - farmhouse bbq muffins
29 - homemade pizza
30 - salsa chicken
31 - pinto beans, cornbread

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