Nursing tanks

I am a nursing mother who doesn't wear nursing clothes. I find that most nursing clothes are either not my style or really expensive. But not having actual nursing clothes has never been a problem. I either wear shirts I can pull down easily or pull up (which is most shirts), with a nursing tank underneath. But let me tell you; after 17 months of nursing, these tanks are not looking good! I mean, they are still in good shape, but my white ones (which I wear most often) are dingy and stained. I could go buy new ones, Target has them pretty cheap, but it still isn't really in the budget right now. The husband has been telling me to buy new ones for months, but I can't bring myself to spend the money. So I went shopping in my closet. I have tank tops that aren't nursing and since I don't plan to not be nursing for a few years, I have decided to donate these to my nursing tank needs. Okay, I could have used a regular bra to nursing bra tutorial and just added hooks, but I wanted something easier than that. Here is what I did:

Step 1: Lay out tank top

Step 2: Start cutting right under arm pit and cut straight across, pulling out shelf-bra if applicable

 When you are done you are left with this.

Simply slip tube on and position right under bra. This may not seem like it would stay up, but it does. Since I just really need something to cover my belly when I lift my shirt (I know some mothers don't mind this, but I'm pretty modest), this will work perfectly. If you wanted you could add elastic to the top, but for now I am sticking with the plain tube. Since it is loose at the top it would probably not work under a tight-fitting shirt but will work for most of my clothes. Two steps and $0 later I have a new "nursing tank." I have also helped to keep more water, oil, and pesticides from being used.

Here is how it looks underneath a shirt.


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