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I will admit it. I LOVE grocery shopping. Every bit of it. From getting the sales flyer in my mailbox each week to pushing my cart around the store, scouring the aisles for deals. I used to do my shopping every Monday morning, as that is when Bi-Lo does all their good markdowns and it is just easy to do it that way when menu planning. But I stopped doing that a few months ago, choosing to shop at two more expensive stores (though never in the same week), and my grocery budget has shown. I may not always choose Mondays, as I do like to combine trips since I live so far from a good grocery store, but yesterday's shopping trip re energized me to make it a priority to shop for deals. I had forgotten what it was like to go to multiple store and use coupons; I enjoyed watching my total go down.

First stop was Bi-Lo and I bought:

  • Asian Bean Threads (I thought they would be interesting to try) - $ 1.14

  • 2 Dry Roasted Peanuts -$6 - $1/2 coupon (newspaper) = $5

  • Raw Almonds - $6.29 - $.50 coupon that doubled = $5.29

  • 2 Organic Rice Mix - $4 - 2 $2 coupons = $0

  • Organic Tamari Sauce (I didn't need this as I have soy sauce but I am trying to stay away from GMO  soybeans) - $2.19

  • 4 Almond Breeze Milk ( I stocked up since they are good until March 21) - $11.56 - 4 $.75 coupons(found in store)= $8.56

  • Half-Gallon Organic Whole Milk (for yogurt) - $3.99 - $.55 coupon that doubled = $2.89

  • 4 Kiwis - $1.76

  • 2 5 oz clam shells of spinach close to date - $1.98

  • Pack of 2 portobello caps - $1.49

Total after coupons and sales - $31.69 (subtotal was $50.40)

I then went to Food Lion to use a $1/$5 produce coupon.

  • 10+ (I lost my receipt so I'm not exactly sure and I don't feel like doing the math) lbs bananas

Total with tax was $4.31

Then came EarthFare for what I couldn't get at the regular stores.

  • Organic Cottage Cheese - $4.19 - $1 coupon = $3.19

  • Organic String Cheese - $3.49

  • Organic Salad (could have gotten at BiLo but was a better price here) - $3.00 - $.75 coupon = $2.25

Total = $9.04

These prices may seem crazy expensive and it is true that I could have gotten the conventional versions for much, much less, but organic dairy and lettuce are a priority for us so I am willing to pay more.

I also went shopping at the end of last since I was already going to be out and we were completely out of fresh produce:

I got a TON of produce  and the rest was really good food, but if I had stuck to only buying what I know is cheapest at a store (in this case the Wasa crackers and the organic apples), loss leaders, and had gone to just one more store, I could have spent much less.

Total - $73.## (I lost my receipt)

I am linking this post to The GCC Shopping Round Up.


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  1. Just thought I'd mention that Bi-Lo in Lancaster doubles coupons up to 99 cents. I'm sure you knew that, but I thought it was worth mentioning in case you didn't.

    I completely agree with you that you have to prioritize on what you're willing to pay more for. Dairy and lettuce are both good choices to use organic. Greens in general tend to absorb any impurities and toxins that they're exposed to, and dairy is sort of a no brainer.

    Love your blog!



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