Menu Plan Monday

As I have said before, menu planning is very important when trying to stick to a budget. Doing this at the beginning of the week saves a lot of time, money, wasted food, and frustration. How does it save frustration? Well I have a quick answer to the old "what's for dinner?" question that always comes too conveniently in the midst of doing laundry, changing diapers, and/or nursing the Kid at about 4:30. I am still trying to clean out my pantry and freezer of non-organic food, as well as food that has just been in there way too long.

I do well with a menu, but only when I have a list of choices to choose from. When I assign the meals to certain days something always comes up and makes me have to scrub that plan.


blueberry orange bread, yogurt, clementines

oatmeal, fruit x2

breakfast casserole w/ ham, fruit smoothies x2

cheerios with cut-up banana, yogurt x2


lentil stuffed turban squash, green beans

chicken divan casserole, butternut squash mash (made with apples and frozen in muffin shapes)

pilaf stuffed squash boats, green beans, and twice baked potato for hubby

chicken soft tacos, green smoothies

macaroni and cheese, apple slices, wilted spinach

ground turkey veggie soup, peasant bread

SUSHI!! (that I will not be making)

For more great menu ideas visit I'm An Organizing Junkie.

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